Loro Parque - Tenerife parrot park

Loro Parque is often described as “el must de Canarias” and it is just that - an absolute must to visit. Regardless of age you will be fascinated and enthralled with everything you see.

Since 1972 when it first opened its doors at the size of 13,000m2 and with a mere 150 parrots, it has grown to an impressive 135,000m2 with a collection that is now claimed to be the largest in the world, but there is more to this park than just parrots. See below for a small insight of what you can expect to enjoy……

Planet Penguin

See more than 250 penguins in their natural habitat in the biggest replica of the Antarctic continent ever constructed, with ice machines that produce 12 tons of snow daily!

Orca Show (Killer Whales)

A truly amazing show, these 4 sensational whales will take your breath away with their intelligence and gracefulness. Get a rare glimpse of the incredible relationship between the killer whales and their trainers. Be careful where you sit though as certain areas guarantee a soaking! (3 shows a day)

Sea Lions Show

Watch these Californian sea lions bring laughter to the whole family with their great sense of humor. You may even get a chance to kiss one of them! The glass windows allow great underwater vision (5 shows a day)

Dolphin Show

These dolphins will conquer the hearts of adults and children alike, with their gentle and playful personalities. Watch them do acrobatics, loops and jumps, reaching a height of more than 6 metres in Europe’s largest dolphin show pool, (4 shows a day)


In the world’s most modern aquarium you’ll be able to see over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants, it also has the longest shark tunnel in Europe (18m).

Loro Show (Parrots)

Enjoy their intelligence and beauty in this entertaining show (6 shows a day)

Natura Vision

Watch a fantastic audio visual presentation inside the specially built glass dome, where you will be transported to some of the most incredible scenery on our planet (7 showings a day).


This magical kingdom is built over a lake inhabited by Koi Carp and is said to be the largest Thai Village outside Thailand.


A children’s play area where they can climb trees, walk along hanging bridges or slither down the snake slide. If they are really brave they can try the mini whale roller coaster.

Katandra Treetops (latest attraction)

Australian themed attraction that takes you along it’s tree tops and jungle pathways, where you can discover the birds in their natural habitat.

Other attractions

A parrot baby station, parrot museum, gambian market, orchid garden with very rare plants, pelicans, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, flamingos, alligators, giant tortoises.

Discovery Tour

Make your visit extra special. For a small charge you can do this tour (1 ¾ hours) and find out what goes on behind the scenes, learn some of the parks secrets and hear some entertaining stories and facts about the animals.

Food and drink

You’ll be spoilt for choice, with over 7 different cafes/restaurants and a picnic area there’s plenty of opportunities to sit and rest.

Gift Shop

There are a number of souvenir shops within the park.

Disabled People

The park is accessible to those in wheelchairs, as are the toilets and refreshments areas. They offer a complimentary wheelchair service or you can rent an electric wheelchair at a nominal charge. Call 3 days prior to visit to reserve – 922 373841 Ext 331


  • Park opens 08.30 – 18.45 (last entrance at 16.00)

           Contact details

  • Avenida Loro Parque s/n, Puerto de la Cruz
  • Tel: 922 373841