Coffee in Tenerife

The local Tinerfeños are proud of their coffee even though they use Colombian coffee beans for ‘their’ coffee. There are many different ways of drinking coffee (caf –ay) in Tenerife. Coffee is usually made in expensive commercial coffee makers costing up to 5,000 pounds each; even the smallest local bar will have one of these machines. Many bars and restaurants will also have a coffee grinder sat alongside the machine to ensure that the coffee is really fresh.

Tenerife bars - bars in Tenerife opening hours

Most bars around Europe are restricted to when they can open for business by local alcohol licensing laws. In addition, only licensed premises can actually sell alcoholic beverages. In the Canary Islands these rules also apply but they are imposed in slightly different ways to what most people are used to.

Tenerife bars - bars in Tenerife

Ten Ways to Spot an Authentic Spanish Bar

Tenerife is a tourist destination and, as such, caters to the needs of different people from many different Countries, both inside Europe and from further afield. You will find many different types of bars here, with diverse themes and décor. There are many British pubs, German pubs and other International bars of one sort or another. However, if you are looking for a more local feel and wish to find a good local bar to drink in, here are a few pointers on how you may find one.