Coffee in Tenerife

The local Tinerfeños are proud of their coffee even though they use Colombian coffee beans for ‘their’ coffee. There are many different ways of drinking coffee (caf –ay) in Tenerife. Coffee is usually made in expensive commercial coffee makers costing up to 5,000 pounds each; even the smallest local bar will have one of these machines. Many bars and restaurants will also have a coffee grinder sat alongside the machine to ensure that the coffee is really fresh.

Café solo. If you just ask for a café you’ll be served a small drop of strong black coffee in a ‘demitasse’ cup, the only coffee that locals drink from a cup.

Cortado natural. This is a coffee with regular milk which has had steam passed through it, to heat it and add a little froth and usually served in a small glass with a saucer.

Cortado condensada. Thisis the same as natural but with sweet, condensed milk added. When served, this layer of milk can be seen, separate from the coffee, lying at the bottom of the glass.

Cortado leche leche. This is the same as above but with both types of milk, again with the condensed milk visible at the bottom.

Cafe con leche. This is coffee served with hot frothy milk. This is the coffee most tourists order and it is served to them in a regular sized cup, on a saucer. Tinerfeños will drink it from a tall glass. If you’d like yours in a glass, ask for cafe con leche en vaso.

 Café solo largo orCafé Americano. This is a regular sized, black coffee served in a normal sized cup.

Cafe descafeinado If you must drink this, you'll need to order it with water (con agua) or with milk (con leche) then you’ll receive your cup of water/milk and a sachet of decaf which you’ll stir in yourself.

Alcoholic Coffees

Carajillo. A café solo (black coffee) with a good dash of brandy.

Barraquito. Unique to Tenerife, this is served in a slightly larger glass contains both condensed and regular milk, plus a sweet liqueur called "Licor Cuarenta y tres" (forty-three) a tiny slice of lemon peel (squeeze it with your spoon to allow the full tang of the lemon to emerge) and in some places a touch of cinnamon on top. A fabulous way to finish dinner!