Tenerife bars - bars in Tenerife

Ten Ways to Spot an Authentic Spanish Bar

Tenerife is a tourist destination and, as such, caters to the needs of different people from many different Countries, both inside Europe and from further afield. You will find many different types of bars here, with diverse themes and décor. There are many British pubs, German pubs and other International bars of one sort or another. However, if you are looking for a more local feel and wish to find a good local bar to drink in, here are a few pointers on how you may find one.

Tapas: - This is a Spanish tradition of old. Tapas are home made small delicacies that are displayed and sold as snacks in any good Spanish bar or café. The tapas of choice are served with a bread roll as a complete snack. Spanish bars usually display their available ‘tapas of the day’ in small refrigerated display cabinets that usually sit on the bar itself, or just next to it. These tapas will be freshly made each day and will vary from meats to cheeses to salads to sea food. Some are very tasty indeed and a complete meal can be had from combining several tapas together.

Spanish Football: - Just as the British like their football, so too do the Spanish! Most good Spanish bars will show live games from La Liga and also any games involving the local CD Tenerife club. In the absence of any such games, it is also common to find Spanish bars showing football games from the British Premier Leagues as well as the Italian Leagues, with Spanish commentary, of course!

Snacks & Sweets: - Spanish bars always cater for everyone, including the children. Whereas most bars and pubs only supply adult snack food, to be consumed whilst drinking, the local Spanish bar hosts will supply a complete range of sweets, chocolates, ice creams and other snacks especially aimed at the younger folk.

Fresh Fruit Juice and Coffee: - All good local Spanish bars will have proper coffee and fresh juice making facilities on hand. This will include a machine for making various types of fresh coffees as well as a machine to squeeze fruit and produce fresh fruit drinks.

Mostly Men Drinking: - When the Spanish go out as a family they tend to go to cafés rather than bars. They tend to go to bars to talk with friends and mull over the day. This means that most of the clientele, if not all of them, in local Spanish bars will be men. It is not common to find many women in Tenerife bars. This is not to say that women are unwelcome, they just don’t often go out drinking with their men folk.

Several Slot Machines: - The Spanish love to gamble and will bet on just about anything. To cater for this need you will often find several slot machines in typical Spanish bars and they will often have punters working them!

Usually Small Bar: - Many good local Spanish bars are small family run businesses and will often have only a few tables or none at all. Life in the bar focuses very much around the bar and there is much chatting and banter going on involving the clients who usually sit up at the bar on bar stools. Spanish bars can be quite noisy!

Smoking Allowed: - The European anti smoking laws are taking time to fully implement themselves here in Tenerife. Many Spanish people still smoke. Although there is a local law dictating that the proprietor of a bar/café/restaurant/club can decide if smoking is allowed or not on their premises, nearly all Spanish bars will allow smoking.

Cheaper Drinks Prices: - This is the real value clinch! In all the different bars in Tenerife there is a huge variation on the prices charged for drinks. Good local Spanish bars will always have the cheapest prices available for all drinks. They will also generally serve all locally available speciality drinks, of which there are many in Tenerife.

Mainly Spanish being spoken: - This is a given! You will generally not find other languages being spoken in Spanish bars, unless they have foreign clientele drinking there. It is a great chance to have a go at brushing up your Spanish as the local folks are friendly and will help you if you make the effort to talk to them.