Tenerife bars - bars in Tenerife opening hours

Most bars around Europe are restricted to when they can open for business by local alcohol licensing laws. In addition, only licensed premises can actually sell alcoholic beverages. In the Canary Islands these rules also apply but they are imposed in slightly different ways to what most people are used to.

Bars and other premises are restricted to the hours that they may be open, and sell alcohol, by their ‘opening license’. The type of opening license obtained will dictate what type of alcohol can be sold and during what hours the premises may open and sell alcohol. Since nearly all licensed premises will have opening licenses that differ, there are no ‘standard’ licensing hours. This is also supplemented by virtually any outlet being able to sell alcohol when they are open, via the terms dictated in their respective ‘opening licenses’. In Tenerife you can actually have a drink served to you by a hairdresser, whilst he/she is cutting your hair!! Almost anyone can sell alcoholic beverages, but they are still restricted to age laws and can’t therefore sell alcohol to minors. The standard drinking age in Spain and Tenerife is 18. It is illegal for anyone under that age to be sold alcohol.

Most bars will open up around mid morning and remain open, throughout the remainder of the day/evening/night. Some bars open up fairly early in the morning (8am-9am) and these cater for the breakfast market and coffee drinkers. Bars that cater directly to tourists will usually remain open at night as long as there are still customers drinking there. However, most local Canarian bars will usually close between 10pm and midnight. Dancing clubs can often remain open until the sun comes up!

Almost all bars will also sell food of some sort or another. In local Canarian bars this will most likely be in the form of bar Tapas and rolls/sandwiches etc., whereas in International or tourist bars the food can range from sandwiches right up to full meals! All bars will also have coffee machines and will sell all manner of coffee related beverages.

The long and the short of it is that you will probably be able to find a bar that is open at almost any time of the day or night. Unlike shops and other business outlets, bars are not usually affected by the Spanish Siesta (a period of time after lunch and through mid afternoon during which time they are closed for business). Bearing all this in mind, you are left up to your own devices, so please make sure that you drink responsibly and don’t become a nuisance to others!!