Tenerife ambulance - ambulance in Tenerife

Whilst the island of Tenerife is a wonderful place to spend your holidays and to live, accidents can happen here just like anywhere else and people need to get expert medical attention fast. This is when an ambulance is needed.

To summon an ambulance on Tenerife you need to phone the emergency number 112. It is a good idea to memorise this number and to jot it down somewhere just in case one day you might need it.

Tenerife accident and emergency

Tenerife is a wonderful island to take a holiday on and to live on but just like anywhere else accidents can happen and people can suddenly be taken seriously ill. If an emergency does occur there is the 112 number that can be called.

However, if an ambulance is called out on Tenerife it has to be paid for and this is taken out of your insurance, unless a qualified doctor has summoned the emergency vehicle. If a doctor calls out an ambulance then there is no charge.