Tenerife accident and emergency

Tenerife is a wonderful island to take a holiday on and to live on but just like anywhere else accidents can happen and people can suddenly be taken seriously ill. If an emergency does occur there is the 112 number that can be called.

However, if an ambulance is called out on Tenerife it has to be paid for and this is taken out of your insurance, unless a qualified doctor has summoned the emergency vehicle. If a doctor calls out an ambulance then there is no charge.

If no ambulance is available when an accident or other emergency happens, it is possible to utilise a car or other vehicle as long as some form of white cloth is displayed hanging out of a window and the headlights are switched on. If the local police see these signs they will understand that immediate help is needed.

If you are able to get to a hospital yourself you should go to the department with a sign saying Urgencias. Some health centres have emergency clinics as well.

At these emergency departments, patients will be given a number and will then have to wait until a doctor is available to see them. Waiting time is of course dependent on how busy the accident and emergency clinic is when you arrive.

It is important that you carry your medical card and some form of official identification because otherwise you will be expected to pay for any treatment you are given. It is also vital that the emergency department are told straight away that you are covered by the health organisation and that your card is shown or you may be billed for any treatment that you receive.

However, if the emergency is life-threatening, then the doctor would normally see the patient first and sort out who is paying afterwards.

In cases of emergency where the patient is covered by private health insurance, private clinics may want to contact the patient’s insurance company before they will give any treatment. When this happens, if the insurance company does not agree to be responsible for payment, then the hospital may ask that a declaration is signed first in which you confirm that you will pay the bill.