Tenerife ambulance - ambulance in Tenerife

Whilst the island of Tenerife is a wonderful place to spend your holidays and to live, accidents can happen here just like anywhere else and people need to get expert medical attention fast. This is when an ambulance is needed.

To summon an ambulance on Tenerife you need to phone the emergency number 112. It is a good idea to memorise this number and to jot it down somewhere just in case one day you might need it.

Unless a qualified doctor has called for an ambulance to be sent out, it will have to be paid for by someone. This is why it is important to have health insurance because if you are involved in an accident or suddenly taken seriously ill and need an ambulance fast then your insurance will cover paying for it. If you are not covered by insurance, and a doctor has not called for it, then you will be billed for getting the vehicle sent out.

When no ambulances are available and an emergency exists in which someone needs to be rushed into hospital as quickly as possible, there is another way of doing this. You would be allowed to use your own car or vehicle just as long as signs that the police would understand are adhered to and displayed.

If a white cloth, shirt or towel is draped out of the window of the vehicle, and the headlights are turned on, then when the local police see this they will know that an emergency exists and will come to your assistance.

When being taken into hospital it is important that you have identification and your medical card with you because, once again, you could otherwise end up getting billed for the treatment you receive if you do not have these things with you.