Al Fresco Tenerife

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Eating al Fresco in Tenerife

Whether it’s a coffee and snack, a picnic or a fully fledged barbeque, Tenerife with its wonderful climate cries out for eating al fresco. Almost every bar and café in Tenerife has a terrace outside with tables, chairs and usually large parasols so that we can enjoy eating and drinking in the fresh air. It’s a popular pastime with both the locals and visiting tourists.

In previous times, when the standard at Tenerife hotels was for full board, anyone going out for the day could ask their hotel to make them a packed lunch instead of coming to the dining room for lunch. A ready made picnic was an enjoyment to be taken at leisure whilst touring the Island and part of the fun was discovering what had been packed into that picnic lunchbox.

It used to be a common site when travelling around the mountains and forests of Tenerife at weekends to see cars or vans pulled into a gap in the trees and for the locals to build a makeshift barbeque on which to cook their food. This practice, in the tinder dry forest of Tenerife, led to many fires getting out of control and in some cases serious forest fires resulted.

The Tenerife government made the wise decision to provide special barbeque areas for people to use free of charge. Not only did they clean up the areas to make them comfortable to use but they also provided the barbeque structures, tables and benches and on top of that FREE wood to use for cooking. If you’re going on a weekend I would advise getting there early to bag your barbeque and table.

The best of these barbeque areas can be found at Las Lajas, above Vilaflor on the way up to mount Teide, on the road up from Guia de Isora to Teide or in the North it’s called La Caldera, it’s near Aguamansa, above the trout farm.