Tenerife Chemists - Farmacias

Pharmacies and Prescriptions

Chemists in Spain and the Canary Islands are known as “Farmacias,” which is easy to remember because it is like the English word pharmacies. They are all privately owned by qualified pharmacists, who are only permitted to own and run one such shop.

It is a very different system in Tenerife to the one in the UK where there are chain stores. The number of Spanish pharmacies in a given area is to meet the needs of the population there and is strictly governed by the laws of the island.

Tenerife dentists dental treatment in Tenerife

Dentists in Tenerife can provide help in emergencies just like anywhere else. However, most dentists on the island are private, which means that you have to pay for all the treatment you receive unless you already have been paying private health insurance that covers the cost of dental work.

The health system does have public dentists that work on duty at health centres though, and these attend to children’s dental problems, as well as being able to act in emergencies to perform tooth extractions, and to prescribe antibiotics when needed urgently.

Tenerife doctors - Tenerife health centres

If you live on the island of Tenerife you will probably be in need of a doctor at some point so it is a good idea to register with one. GPs work mainly as part of a medical team at health centres, which in Spanish are known as “Centros de Salud”.

In Tenerife you can choose a doctor under the Charter of Rights and Obligations for patients, which is called Carta de Derechos y Deberes. Under this charter you can either visit the doctor at the health centre or you can use the telephone and request that he or she comes to see you at your home.

Birth control in Tenerife

Tenerife has a large population of residents who are Catholics and this religion is opposed to birth control. However, for many reasons many people living on the island choose to ignore what the Catholic Church says, and, of course, many more are not Catholics anyway and want to use contraception.

A range of condoms is readily available from pharmacies and in supermarkets just like in other countries. Contraceptive pills are available on prescription from doctors and gynaecologists.

Working out in Tenerife

There are many great ways to keep fit whilst in Tenerife. With its 269 Kilometers of coastline and colossal Mount Teide it’s definitely a non-stop hive of outdoor activity.