Tenerife dentists dental treatment in Tenerife

Dentists in Tenerife can provide help in emergencies just like anywhere else. However, most dentists on the island are private, which means that you have to pay for all the treatment you receive unless you already have been paying private health insurance that covers the cost of dental work.

The health system does have public dentists that work on duty at health centres though, and these attend to children’s dental problems, as well as being able to act in emergencies to perform tooth extractions, and to prescribe antibiotics when needed urgently.

Dentists in Tenerife are usually 15 - 20 % cheaper than those in the UK. Because of this factor many people choose to have dental work carried out on the island to save money.

The island of Tenerife boasts having some really excellent dentists who provide some of the best service in the world but this does not mean that they are all like this and it pays to look around. If you don’t speak Spanish fluently it is of course a good idea to find an English speaking dentist. There are many dental clinics on the island where staff can speak Spanish, English and German.

Dentists in Tenerife offer dental implants as a service they can provide but if you are considering this as a treatment remember that the costs are usually high so you want to ensure you are getting the best. It pays to look for a dentist that is a registered member of a professional dental association such as the German Society of Implantology, or the D.G.Z.I, as it is known in its abbreviated form.

When having crowns or implants it is important that the best quality materials are used. Some dentists cut costs by using cheaper materials with a shorter lifespan. It is always a good idea to ask about the quality of metals used for any dental work that is proposed before agreeing on it.

Some dentists have their own laboratories, which makes for a quicker and more personal service. Dentists who offer excellent service that they take a pride in will often guarantee their work for as long as two years.