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Best beach games for kids

Headed to the beach with kids?

Most children love being on the beach but sometimes you need to have some ideas for keeping them entertained beyond swimming and building sandcastles.

Need some inspiration? Take a moment to read about these beach games….

Sand Darts

Draw a large circle in the sand, then inside that circle draw six smaller circles. Give each small circle a number/value. Ask the children to gather stones or shells to be used as darts. Each child takes a turn throwing three “darts” at the sand dartboard and the one with the highest score wins. Adults or older children can keep score.

Sand Memory Game

Draw two grids in the sand. Start with a smallish one about 16 squares large (four squares each side).

It is best to draw the grid whilst sitting back to back so they can’t cheat.

Have your child turn away while you set out rocks on your grid. To begin with only put one rock on each square (not every square!). Once you have created your rock pattern cover it with a towel.

Uncover your grid and let your child look at it for 15 seconds then recover it. Your child now has to copy the pattern on the other grid. When they’ve finished see how close they were.

As they get better at the game you might allow more than one rock per square or you could use different objects such as shells, rocks, twigs or even make the grids bigger. You can also swap roles and let your child lay out a pattern!


Just throwing a Frisbee back and forth can be enough to keep children entertained for a good while or you could try these variations:

-Put some targets in the sand and see who can throw the Frisbee nearest to them.

-Put some plastic bottles in the sand and see who can knock over the most.

Water Bucket Race

This game requires two large buckets (they must be the same size/hold the same volume) and either two small buckets or cups (same as above).

Depending on the age of the children put the buckets a good distance from the shoreline and divide players into two teams.

Teams should line up behind their bucket and at the word “go” the first child/person in each team runs to the shore and fill’s their cup with water.

They have to run back to the large bucket and drop the water into it, they then pass their cup to the next player who does the same.

The first team to fill their bucket wins.

Sand Sculpture/Pictures

Rather than just building a sandcastle why not get them to have a go at a sand sculpture.

Maybe they could build an animal, mermaid or sandman, or even a boat or car big enough to sit in.

They could also design pictures using pebbles, rocks, seaweed and shells.


Finally if it’s just a quiet 5 minutes peace you are after why not award a prize (real or honorary) for the child who brings back the “most interesting find!”