Adeje town and Adeje municipality

Adeje is both a town and a municipality in the south of Tenerife. Being situated inland it forms an oasis of tranquillity in comparison with the bustle of the resorts on its coastline, the very popular Costa Adeje.

Although it is away from the sea, Adeje is nevertheless of great interest to tourists and visitors to the island of Tenerife. The ravine known as the Barranco del Infierno (Gorge of Hell) is a beautiful walk and one of its main attractions.

There is a pathway through the ravine and this walk, which can take as long as three hours to complete, leads through some spectacular scenery around a deep gorge with a stream and a waterfall. The waterfall (La Cascada) is 200 metres in height.

Rare plants grow in the gorge and it is an ideal area for wildlife. Because of this there is a restriction to a maximum of 200 people per day allowed to visit the ravine, and they need to make a reservation on 922 782 885 as well as having to pay an entrance fee when they arrive. It is well worth making the effort though.

Long ago, Adeje was the home of Mencey Axerax or Gran Tinerfe, who was the last absolute mencey (Guanche king) of the island. When he died Tenerife was given over to his sons as the rulers and the island was divided up into “menceyatos” (princedoms).

There were nine of these leaders at the time of the Spanish conquest, and visitors to Adeje will see a Guanche statue on prominent display at the side of the road as a memorial to the area’s past.

A historic building in Adeje is the fortress known as La Casa Fuerte, which was a residence of the powerful Ponte family, who were the landowners in the 16th century. The fortress was used as a base for fighting off the pirate raiders of the time and for storing sugar produced from the sugar cane plantations.

Another building dating back to the same time period is the Iglesia de Santa Úrsula. Also on the main street of historic interest is the Monastery of Nuestra Señora de Guadelupe y San Pablo.

But it is not just Adeje’s past that will appeal to visitors because it is a thriving modern town as well. There are many restaurants, bars, shops and local businesses and it is on regular bus routes from Los Cristianos. The Costa Adeje area is wonderful if you want the beaches and the sea but the city of Adeje inland is well worth visiting too.