Los Abrigos Tenerife

Los Abrigos is an old fishing village on the south coast of Tenerife. Perhaps not surprisingly, fishing still goes on there today and there are plenty of restaurants specialising in fish dishes.

Los Abrigos lies between the golf area, which includes Amarilla Golf and Golf del Sur, and the seaside town of El Médano, famous for its windsurfing popularity and competitions. The village of Los Abrigos is also conveniently close to the Reina Sofía Airport, with only some 5 km distance between the two places.

Los Abrigos has two beaches and a harbour. It also has the traditional square, and this is the location where the weekly market is held on Tuesday evenings.

Los Abrigos has shops, a school and a post office. It offers great seaside walks and views of Mt Teide in the distance if looking inland.

But it is the wide range of fish restaurants available in the village that is Los Abrigos’ main point  of attraction for both tourists and locals, and the village is known to serve some of the best fish dishes on the island.

Many places have the “Dish of the Day” on the menu and this is often the freshly-caught catch. Some of the restaurants actually have their own fishing boats and this guarantees that the fish is as fresh as possible.

Taking things one step further and adding to the speciality of your meal it is normal to choose the fish you want cooked for you. The waiter will lead you to a glass covered display to select your starters and main course, some restaurants even have their own fish tanks where lobsters are kept alive just waiting for the brave client to order it prepared for dinner.

The weather is usually excellent because Los Abrigos is on the extreme south coast of Tenerife, and this is something else that makes the village ideal for tourists and visitors to the island.

Los Abrigos is easy enough to get to by car or bus. It is on the bus routes between Playa de Las Américas and El Médano and Los Cristianos and Granadilla.

If you are the kind of person who likes watching a fabulous sunset while you enjoy a freshly-caught fish dish, washed down with local wines, the Los Abrigos is for you. If one of your favourite foods is fish then Los Abrigos should definitely be on your list of places to visit on Tenerife.