Tenerife mountain biking - mountain biking in Tenerife

Guided Mountain Biking in Tenerife


As keen Mountain Bikers we had heard whispers about Tenerife as a good destination for a Mountain Bike holiday, so after doing a little reading up on the subject we headed there for a week’s Mountain Biking on this sunny island.

We are used to riding lots of trails in the UK, but what we found in Tenerife was a real revelation to us. The scenery is completely breath taking, changing views and terrain appear around almost every corner. I don’t think we have ever Mountain Biked on so many different surfaces in one ride. Changing from loose gravel, to rocky, boulder strewn singletracks, bedrock and compacted rooty earth, it certainly has the ability to keep you interested!

We took a 5 day package of rides with Lavatrax. They are a British run Mountain Bike guiding company based close to  Los Cristianos on the South coast of Tenerife. The guys there really know their stuff and had a package of 5 rides which suited us perfectly. We started the week with a relatively flat ride, close to the airport. Although the ride never gets above 200m altitude, the gradual climb from the coast at El Medano had some really technical loose sections which we had a few goes at before finally cracking them.  The descent back to the coast was brilliant with really unusual lunar like rock formations with some quick singletrack and drops through the eroded rocks. A sublime start to the week. From there the riding got better and better, using some relatively easy rides to get used to the terrain and altitude while letting us take in the stunning scenery and views across to the other islands from the comfort of our saddles, this was gentle mountain biking, but still worthwhile and very enjoyable.

Later in the week, we took on some of the more testing and technical mountain bike rides, encountering some unfeasibly long descents and on the last day on a ride aptly called “The Long Way Down” we had the pleasure of descending on technical rocky singletrack for the longest time I have ever encountered! My forearms were begging for a rest when we hit the road at the bottom, thank goodness for the café stop in the village below the trail. It was much needed and well deserved.

So to conclude, what we heard about Tenerife being an unknown gem for mountain biking is 100% true. If you enjoy your mountain biking and like to try different riding destinations then give it a try. We booked our rides with www.lavatrax.com , they put together a set of 5 rides which suited us perfectly as keen riders, but they also have lots of other routes for all abilities, even if you are just starting out in the world of mountain biking. They also do DH (Downhill) mountain biking for the speed daemons, but we thought we would leave that for the younger riders!