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Guaguas, as the Canarian people call buses, (Autobus, elsewhere in Spain) are a cheap and reliable form of transport with services covering all villages/towns with a population of 500 or more. The buses are bright green with the name TITSA emblazoned on them; they display the route number (Linea) on the front of the bus, their departure point and their ultimate destination. The destination is often written in larger letters.  The buses are modern, clean and air conditioned, a comfortable, inexpensive way to see the Island.

Ticket prices are very reasonable and considerable savings can be made if you also buy a “bono card”. This allows you to prepay for trips, saving 30% on short trips and 50% on long trips. Bono cards are sold either at €12 or €30 and the Bono  card can be used by more than one person on a journey, Bonos are valid until either the remaining balance is used up or the card becomes full (there’s room for about 18 journeys). They expire 12 months after purchase.

The Bono card is slightly smaller than a credit card. You place the Bono card into a small green machine next to the bus driver, and tell the driver your destination. Generally the drivers only speak Spanish and will not understand ‘foreign’ pronunciation of place names so it can be a good idea to print your destination on a piece of paper. The Bono Bus card will be printed with the discounted fare and the balance that is still available on the card.

Bono cards are available from main bus stations as well as kiosks and shops displaying the green bono sign. Cards cannot be bought on the buses.


Each bus route (Linea) has a number e.g. 110 which is the Playa de las Americas - Santa Cruz direct route. Beware; the same number is used for buses running in each direction of the route. Also because of one way streets or the layout of the bus routes, you may find that buses for both directions use the same bus stops; they just stop across the road from the stop if there aren’t two. You may have bus stops several metres apart but on the same side of the road, it can be confusing so double check the bus destination on the front of the bus.

The Titsa website is in Spanish and English www.titsa.com