Improve your wifi reception with Tenerife wifi

Many laptops and telephones have very weak radios installed as standard; most are designed to operate just a few metres/yards from the wifi source. With the increasing connection of laptops to wifi for ease of use or because the device owner is away from the normal source of signal, the quality of the radio installed in the device becomes more and more important. It’s relatively simple to send a wifi signal to your device from a few hundred metres away but even though your machine can “see” the signal and registers a reasonable strength it’s often impossible for your device to answer back to the original signal source.

One simple solution would be to fit a high gain wireless adaptor via an unused USB port.

Tenerife wifi stocks the TP-LINK TL-WN722N wireless USB adaptor, it has a powerful 4dBi detachable omni directional antenna, the TL-WN722N improves performance at long range and in poor signal environments. The adaptor can be plugged into the laptop directly or used with an extension cable. The device is very compact and will tuck away into a very small space in your laptop bag. Cost of the adaptor is just 25 Euros and can transform your wifi experience.

wifi adapter