Tenerife information – information about Tenerife

Here we provide all sorts of free information about Tenerife, whether you’re a casual browser interested in general Tenerife info or are searching for specific info on Tenerife. We have articles that cover medical emergencies, dentists, chemists (farmacias), holiday companies, flight companies, airports, banks and credit cards, numbers to ring in case of loss or theft. There’s info on Tenerife Police, National police and the Guardia Civil the fire brigade, ambulances, town halls and the consulates of various countries. The various utility companies covering gas, water, electricity, telephone and mobile phones as well as major post offices and of course tourism info centres.

Transport in the forms of buses, ferries, taxis and the tram, there’s no train service in Tenerife at the moment (2010). Tax offices, traffico (cars and driving licences) civil registry, land registry, citizen advice bureaus, social security and employment offices. Various state schools are listed and in our directory there are also private schools advertised.

We will endeavour to keep this Tenerife info up to date and would welcome emails informing us of any changes that ought to be made as well as suggestions of other info that we ought to carry.