Tenerife wifi provides the internet for residents with...

Noconnection fee

No need to pay for line rental

No long term contracts.

For those wishing to become long term clients Tenerife wifi service is paid for at our normal monthly fee, with the added benefit of a loyalty bonus of 3 months free wifi OR 100 Euros cashback after 12 months continuous payments.   In addition this service can be cancelled at a moment’s notice with no financial penalty. Unlike certain major companies our clients are not obliged to give us access to their bank accounts, all payments are voluntary and no penalty charges apply. No refunds are given on unused credit and bonus payments are only made on complete purchases.

Tenerife WiFi provides quality wifi internet using state of the art equipment specifically designed for the purpose, not just a normal router that’s sending a wifi signal for all to use. In the near future all our access points for wifi in Tenerife will become part of a large network with very high speeds which will ensure that areas of high customer use can be supplied with extra bandwidth from low usage areas. The equipment that Tenerife wifi supplies will continuously monitor traffic and instantly redirect traffic accordingly.