Wifi in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife – Puerto de la Cruz wifi.

After the successful launch of Tenerife wifi in the South of Tenerife, we are pleased to announce that Tenerife wifi are opening operations in Puerto de la Cruz. We are making the same offer as we did in the South of Tenerife; we are looking for around twenty hotels and apartment complexes in which to install our wifi system free of charge. During the last few years the internet has become one of life’s essentials for much of the population and consequently the demand for the internet via wifi in Puerto de la Cruz is on the increase. Read more on why the internet is essential for your hotel/apartment complex .

Tenerife WiFi is part of Canarias Marketing SL, a fully legal company offering state of the art equipment and professional back up staff and service for the installation of wifi in Puerto de la Cruz, please feel free to contact us for help and information.

Does your complex qualify for free installation?

Not all hotels and complexes will automatically qualify for our free installation service but we will endeavour to treat all enquiries as sympathetically as possible. The ideal would be a minimum of 50 rooms/apartments all facing to a central point (many apartments and hotels are built around a pool which is ideal because we can then give access to clients to use whilst enjoying the sun, we also require access to a high roof on which to install a receiver for future use. With the coming of the new 50 Mb lines we will be creating a network of small antennas that will enable most of Puerto de la Cruz to receive a wifi internet connection. Contact us.